Homemade Nachos

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Last night at 5:15 pm, I had to come up with dinner. So as I browsed the pantry, I saw some leftover tortilla chips and thought – Nachos! I happened to have most of what I needed to make them, but usually this takes some planning so you can put on exactly what you like. When I do plan to make these, I like to use Tostitos Garlic and Black Bean chips as the base. They are packed with flavor and taste so good with the toppings I use. The toppings are also up to you and your preference. I have used salsa, black beans, ground beef…you can use chicken, chili, jalapeños, other types of beans, the possibilities are endless. Last night’s recipe I used regular tortilla chips, blue corn tortilla chips, chopped tomato, fresh scallion, Mexican blend cheese and chopped black olives.


I hate it when you order nachos and after you get through the top layer, its just a pile of chips so I make mine in layers. First I place a layer of chips. and then repeat.


Then I put a layer of cheese and some toppings.


Repeat with chips, cheese and toppings.

IMG_4107I bake them on 350 degrees for about 10 minutes or until cheese is melted. I serve them with a side of sour cream, but you can also do a side of salsa and/or guacamole. We place the trays on the counter and stand around eating them family style. Yum!


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