5 Ways to Reconnect With Someone Without Using Facebook

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I am not a Facebook user, and I don’t know that I ever will be. I will not criticize anyone who uses it, but for as many reasons as someone is on it, I probably have that many reasons not to be. I feel like with our easy and quick “touch of a button” world, we have lost touch with other forms of connecting to each other. So, I have come up with a few ways I think would be nice to reconnect with old friends or family members.

1. Write a letter– yes, the old fashion  kind- that you have to put in an envelope, address, stamp and put in the mailbox. It’s such a nice surprise to receive a piece of mail that is not junk or a bill! Also, it is great to take a moment out of our busy hectic lives to sit down and reflect our thoughts to someone special in our lives.


2. Send a postcard from vacation- I can remember when part of going on vacation was having to stop at a gift shop to buy post cards to send home to everyone. There was never a second thought about it! Put a smile on someone’s face and send a postcard with a great picture of where you are vacationing and while you write it, give yourself a chance to enjoy telling that person about what a great time you are having!


3. Dig up an old picture and send it to someone- Recently I found a whole bunch of pictures from college and there were some funny pictures of me and two of my friends that I am still in touch with. I took a picture of the photo with my phone and group texted them both. It sparked a brief, but fun walk down memory lane and gave us a chance to laugh at our former selves and our memories.


4. Set up a girls/guys night out- Make a point of getting together with friends once every month or every other month. This will force you to take time for yourself and get out to catch up with friends. Start a book club that meets once per month- although I am not sure how many books actually get discussed after all the wine and catching up : ).


5. Call someone on the phone- The good old telephone. I know mine usually only rings when a telemarketer is trying to reach me. Am I the only still with a landline? Take the time to show someone that you want to hear their voice and care to hear how things are going.


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