First Day of School Ideas

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It’s back-to-school time already! The summer flew by and as much as the lazy days of summer will be missed, I think kids and parents alike are ready to go back to school and get back into a routine (although your kids won’t tell you that!)

I’ve put together some ideas for marking the first day of school. These ideas are a nice way to give your kids their school send off and mark the start of another year where they will learn and grow so much!

Wow! What a breakfast to wake up to!
Nice first day breakfast idea.
This “time capsule” is a nice tradition to mark the first day of school or other special occasions.
This idea is adapted from a German first day of school tradition.
This idea is adapted from a German first day of school tradition.
handprint tshirt
This is a really cool idea by a Pinterest user. I would certainly have done this if I had known about it when my kids were younger!
I have actually had this pinned for a long time. I think this sweet idea can be adapted to any grade.
One Pinterest user was inspired by this project to trace your child’s hand on each first day of school.
This free printable marks the important milestones on the first day of a given school year. Can be customized for girl or boy.
This is a great idea and would be cool to use the same frame year after year and see how your child changes.
This is a printable that you can have your child hold on the first day.
This is a printable that you can have your child hold on the first day.
Nice idea!

Educational Links

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Here are some of my favorite educational links with descriptions from their “about” page: – Educational Videos

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