Minute to Win It Party

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What kind of party do you give your 14-year-old-Freshman-in-High-School son whose birthday is in October in New England where the weather can be anywhere from warm to snow?  We already did Amazing Race so that was out. I decided to do Minute to Win It. There was a total of 8 guys and we ran 8 games with a tie breaking game just in case and a $5 Amazon gift card for each member of the winning team. The boys were split into four teams of two picked randomly from a hat. Below are pictures from some of the games we played. Putting together these challenges took a lot of research, time and organization. Be prepared for a few minutes of lag time between each challenge because they do take time to set up. I had a table with all the supplies for each challenge laid out and did a run through the night before. I also prepared a Power Point with a video of how each challenge works for them to preview before performing the challenge.

Face the Cookie 

Face the Cookie is played by trying to get an Oreo from their forehead to their mouth only using their facial muscles and not their hands. They chose to eat the cookie which allowed them to get less cookies to their mouth overall.

This Blows

In This Blows, they needed to blow up a balloon and use the air to push plastic cups off the table.

Nut Stacker

In Nut Stacker, they had to use a stick (we used a bamboo skewer) to pick up a nut one at a time and stack them all on top of each other without any falling.

A Bit Dicey

For this challenge we had extra wide popsicle sticks and dice. They had to place 6 dice in a tower on top of the popsicle stick which was held in their mouth without dropping any dice.

Flip Your Lid

In this challenge, they had to flip a cup that was placed upside down on the edge of the table onto an empty bottle that was placed 12 inches away. (No worries, the bottles were empty before we started the game)

Tea Party 

The boys had to wear a hat that had two tea bags taped on underneath. In order to win the challenge, they had to flip the tea bags onto the rim of the hat without using their hands.

Spoon Frog

Spoon Frog required the boys to set up two spoons to act like a catapult and one had to land in a cup.

80’s Party – Adult

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My husband loves the 80’s so for his 45th birthday, I threw him an 80’s bash. The decorations included Slinky’s hanging from the ceiling, glow sticks, framed pictures of 80’s stars, posters, and toys and games from the 80’s. I made a ton of food and had all the guests dress up in their best 80’s gear. For the invitation, I purchased cassette tapes and then printed labels with the information for the party and stuck the label on the front of the cassette and mailed them to the guests. I also created a Family Feud game and rented a projector and screen and we had a lot of fun playing “boys vs. girls”

I made a welcome sign with glow sticks and magnets for the front door
I made a Pac-Man cake

For this cake, I covered a cardboard box in a black plastic table cloth and then clear plastic wrap. I found a flower pinwheel at the dollar store similar to the one below and I cut the petals to look like the Pac-Man ghosts and glued on googly eyes.  I made a circle cake and cut out the mouth to look like Pac-Man and made mini cupcakes to look like the dots Pac-Man eats. Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 10.38.12 AM


I displayed movie posters
I replaced family photos around the house with framed celebrity photos

IMG_1164IMG_1178For the 80’s photos, I just looked up 80’s celebrities and printed their photos and added a frame and placed them around the house as if they were our own.

IMG_1162I bought a pack of 80’s movie posters and randomly hung them on the walls around the house.

In the bathroom I wrote on the mirror in lipstick for a good time call 867-5309
This was a collage I made out of pictures from his life in the shape of 45
I made a glow stick decoration hanging from a record
The food labels were stuck in rubix cubes
I had a cassette tape centerpiece that lit up filled with glow sticks

Below is a picture of the light up cassette tape centerpiece I found on Etsy.

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 10.48.36 AM


Our Family Feud set up


Playing Family Feud.

Slinky’s hanging from ceiling
Overview of kitchen decorated


Our family version of the 80’s
I put cupcakes on a record cake stand I made with a cassette tape topper
I had guests send me pictures of themselves from the 80’s and made a “wall of fame”

Our guests all dressed up!

Party Favors and Supplies

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I am in the process of building my Etsy Store! It is a little eclectic right now, but the main focus will be party favors, decorations and gift items. Right now you can find some party favors, invitations, a handmade birthday sign, vintage jewelry and photography on canvas for sale. I am testing the waters, but hope to be adding items on a frequent basis.

Check it out!